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Hello World: Rails 3.1

Been a while.  I’ve been working on other things like my daddy blog and some other nerd side projects here and here. If you aren’t a) at least a little nerdy and b) interested in Ruby on Rails, stop reading now.  You won’t care about this. I am relatively new to the Rails world (October [...]

Awful name. Incredible phone.

I have owned my new phone for just over 24 hours and where I probably shouldn’t say it’s the best phone ever, I will. I had been using a Blackberry Storm prior to last night’s purchase of HTC’s Droid Incredible. This was my first experience with the phone: My wife and I were on our [...]

Not a Fan

To whom it may concern: 99% of the time, if you have to ask me to be your fan, I’m probably not. Thanks to Facebook’s awesome fan mechanism, I can now be annoyed almost constantly by people who think I should become a fan of theirs. I especially appreciate the following paraphrased Facebook interaction: “Hey, [...]

Vestibulum eget metus posuere.

Nullam bibendum sagittis nisl. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Praesent scelerisque orci non mi. Nulla porttitor, massa vel tincidunt tincidunt, nibh risus vehicula ipsum, ac aliquet augue enim eget lectus. Ut in metus. Suspendisse laoreet, nulla eget faucibus aliquet, metus est egestas sem, rhoncus tincidunt erat ipsum ut justo. Maecenas ac turpis. Integer nibh tellus, [...]

The iMac is out of control

The following is a snippet of an IM conversation with my wife: Danyael: “how do i stop the mac?” Danyael: “the rainbow windmill thing is going and going”

It is about time…

Ned “Matt, you need to write another blog entry by August 3rd.” Matt “Why, is that the last time I wrote one?” Ned “Yes.” Matt “Ok.” IN YOUR FACE NED!

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