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We love to fly and it shows

Maybe I’m out of touch. I heard a radio ad this morning proclaiming a new great benefit for Delta customers who get a Delta Premier American Express something-or-other card. Ooh, a great new benefit…I like the sound of that. Ready for this great new benefit: “If you sign up for the credit card and become [...]

Sunny Days

My wife and I took my older daughter (who just turned 2) to see Sesame Street Live this morning. This was her first live show and we weren’t sure how she would deal with all the glitz of the Great White Narrow Way. Now, Noa watches Sesame Street so we had that going for us. [...]

2nd 1st

I am a 2nd child. It’s not always easy to grow up in that position. My sister is just about 3 years older than I am. When I was born she was old enough to have an established routine and a fair amount of independence. My older daughter had just turned 1 when my younger [...]


So I was watching this show that had a really captivating plot. I am not going to go into too many details here because I don’t want to spoil it for you. I will say this: the plot was a little all over the place and included action, adventure, drama, celebrity cameos and more. It [...]

iThink iLike

Maybe the addition of the iPad to my geek arsenal will motivate me to blog more. Maybe.

New Year's Resolution

My resolution for 2010 is to write more blog posts. Hey, if people haven’t taken down their Christmas lights yet, I can only imagine they are just leaving them up in preparation for next Christmas. If we’re going to plan ahead, I might as well make my resolutions in advance too.

Filling out the forms

So I’m at the doctor’s office the other day filling out the forms. Patient’s name. Patient’s address. Nice and easy. Relationship to the patient: Father. That’s gonna take some getting used to.


It is 3:30 PM on March 23, 2008. I have been sitting here since 6:45 AM. Pretty sunny outside. As far as New England early “Spring” days are concerned, there is not much to complain about today. Looking out the window, I can see Fenway Park in the distance. This will be a point of [...]

Are you serious?

My Tax Dollars

Today, I had to stop by the new house on my way to work to pick up granite counter top samples. On the adjacent street, there was some road construction going on and a police officer helping with traffic flow. After I stopped at the house, I was coming back down the adjacent road, on [...]

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