Not a Fan

To whom it may concern:

99% of the time, if you have to ask me to be your fan, I’m probably not. Thanks to Facebook’s awesome fan mechanism, I can now be annoyed almost constantly by people who think I should become a fan of theirs.

I especially appreciate the following paraphrased Facebook interaction:

“Hey, I think you should become a fan of my sprocket company.”


[next day]

“Hey, not sure if you accidentally answered last time but I think you should become a fan of my sprockets company.”


[next day]

“I can’t remember if I asked you to be a fan of my sprockets company, so you should, ok?”


You: leave us alone. We all know you just invite all your “friends” so there is no way you forgot to ask me. If I show up again, that means I said no. No means no. You don’t want me to be your fan anyway. You just want my “friends” to see that I’m a fan so they might become a fan too. Leave us alone.

Facebook: learn. How about an option to ignore invitations from someone who is abusing the spirit of the site.

If I have something I think is important to share, it goes here, or in my status on Facebook, or on Twitter. You can consume it if you want and if not, well that’s your loss.

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